Made in Europe

Own factory in Slovakia.

We are extremely proud to be the first and only kiteboarding brand producing all of our products in our own factory based in Europe. In addition to our in-house production of kiteboards, control bars, Cruz foil series and board accessories, we managed to set up our own kite production in Slovakia. We stand behind our quality promise of Made in Europe products and are the only brand in the market to offer three years warranty on kites and boards.

Kites production

Made in Europe.

We have been making kites since 2010 and started our own kite factory in Europe in 2017. This has been a major game changer in the kite industry and allowed us to massively improve our kites.

Board production

Since 1999.

Board production has started in Europe in 1999 with windsurf boards and changed completely to kiteboards in 2001. We have always been known as a board specialist and stayed one step ahead of the competition until today.

Bars production

Safety, quality, durability.

The bar is without a doubt the most complicated product we make. The in house production of the bar has made a huge difference in terms of safety, quality and durability of our bars, as everything is under strict and sophisticated quality control.

Foil production

Hybrid alu/carbon foil.

Entering another exciting chapter in the growth of CrazyFly, we are proud to produce the Cruz foil series in our factory. We implemented new technologies for molding full carbon wings, injected carbon wings and for processing aluminium parts. Cruz foil has one of the lightest hybrid alu/carbon foil construction on the market.

Binding production

Handmade with passion.

We have been making state of the art footpads and footstraps since day one back in 1999. The finest European craftsmanship is immediately visible when looking at our footstraps.