About us

The words of the boss

CrazyFly is a family business, founded in 1999 by Jozef Bukovcak. CrazyFly brand has been built on high quality manufacturing in the heart of Europe and exceptional customer service. We are extremely proud to be the first and only Kiteboarding brand producing all of our products in our own factory based in Europe. In addition to our in-house production of kiteboards, control bars and board accessories, we managed to set up our own kite production in Slovakia and transfer surfboards production to Europe.

Having our production and R&D department right next to our offices allows us to set new trends on the market and apply innovation in serial production very quickly. Sourcing the best materials available from European suppliers also adds to superior quality of our products.

Most importantly, we are all doing what we love and we love what we are doing.

  • Ing. Jozef Bukovčák

    The Big Boss. He is the founder of CrazyFly brand and the company. Jozef is the only owner, main director, and chief of R&D.

  • Jozef Bukovčák

    Sales director and financial manager. He assures your satisfaction when you order CrazyFly products.

  • Michal Bukovčák

    Director of art&designs and technical support. This guy knows it all in terms of electronic graphic designs, web designs, and programming. Just give him a scratch on a piece of paper, and he will do his magic with a computer.

  • Juraj Bukovčák

    Sales, marketing and e-shop manager. Juraj is always ready to help dealers and retail customers with any inquiries. He also translates the quality of CrazyFly products into words.

  • Pavol Bukovčák

    Head of kites production, plus graphic design support. He is a crazy young guy and is the style, design, and fashion of these days himself.

  • Boris Heger

    Sales and customer service. Boris is another professional in our sales department.

  • Sabinka Bukovčáková


  • Božka Ďurčová


  • Iveta Bukovčáková

    Administration. She has to deal with everyday administration work. More or less, Iveta takes care of every job that the Big Boss assigns to her.